About us

Our GOOD REPUTATION is always a step ahead of us!


The managing director and sole owner of the company LD2 Geoinformationssysteme GmbH Ing.Oliver Hronek imagines:

"Almost always in a good mood and determined I always try to expand this company in the field of geographic information systems. That is only possible Speed, innovation, ease of use and practical implementation the current requirements of daily tasks.

With Heart and soul and motivated employees we take care of our customers every day. I firmly believe that in this day and age one good service to customers is the biggest key to success.”

We would be very happy if you picked up the phone and let us know what we can do for you.

We are an experienced and well-trained team decades of experience in dealing with geospatial data. 

This experience helps us to adapt our software products to market requirements on a daily basis. 

Our focus is always on ease of use of all systems. The compatibility between the products is our main advantage. 

The data flows between surveying, GIS and maintenance fully automatic and lossless in both directions without manual post-processing. That saves a lot of time and makes work easier. "

Managing Director Ing. Oliver Hronek


  • very competent and friendly Support
  • simple Products to be operated which are compatible with one another with the 100%
  • Transparency and fairness in pricing
  • that our products are always on the latest Operating systems and devices are running
  • the Update of the software products, with an upright maintenance contract, fully automatically with a click of the mouse in a few seconds
  • no paid visits from special technicians for days
  • Compatibility with ALKIS and ETRS89 / UTM
  • many interfaces for other products such as: Google Earth, DXF, Shape, ASCII, ISYBAU and many more. 
  • User conferences in your federal state once a year to experience the customer information exchange live


After almost 10 years of professional experience in relevant industries, the following took place:

  • In 2000 the company was founded by Ing.Oliver Hronek (sole proprietorship) and the programming of the Flyweight GIS started
  • 2005 Foundation of European Software Highland OEG. Focus on the development of the Atlantis range of products
  • 2007 Geolantis GmbH founded as managing director and partner
  • 2009 Sale of all shares in Geolantis GmbH
  • 2012 Founding of LD2 geoinformation systems and expansion of product development for the latest GIS software products

After 20 years of work in the GIS area, the profession has become a VOCATION for us.


  • Special purpose associations
  • Waterworks
  • Public utilities
  • District offices
  • Municipalities
  • Cleanliness associations
You can request a reference list from us.

We are very interested in the ideas of our customers and always try the for you most modern, most individual, most innovative and most cost-effective solution with the most of the program blocks and thus develop opportunities.

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