Stonex SR35 radio

technical features

  • Transmission power: 5W to 35W
  • Distances of up to 50 km
  • RTK fixes
  • also acts as a radio receiver



Stonex SR35 Radio is a high performance radio modem for transmitting RTK corrections from a basic GNSS receiver.

The transmission power can be selected by the user from 5W to 35W and reaches distances of up to 50 km. The radio has numerous settings that can define communication protocols, channel width and transmission frequency. Thus it has full compatibility with other external radio modems or can be integrated into a GNSS receiver.

The Stonex SR35 radio is used to transmit RTK corrections from a base station. But it also functions as a radio receiver.


Scope of delivery:

Available in a bundle:

  • Cable with terminals for connecting ext. battery and cable
  • Cable 5pin Lemo/5pin Lemo/SAE to connect GPS to ext. radio modem/ext. battery
  • Cable for connecting receiver and external radio mount for QC430/450A antenna on tripod
  • Soft case for GPS and controller (SB-100)
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