Stonex S990 A series

technical features


  • GNSS receiver with hemisphere board phantom
  • L Volume Atlas. aRTK
  • Accuracy fixed RTK 5 mm horizontally, 10 mm vertically
  • fixed initialization <10s
  • Position rate 10Hz (optional 20Hz, 50Hz)
  • Bluetooth
  • Wi-fi
  • Color touch display
  • GSM 4G board can be used worldwide
  • 32GB internal storage.
  • Access via web interface, web control
  • IMU (inclination technology up to 60°)
  • Weight 1.4kg
  • Temperature range -40°C to 65°C
  • integrated LiOn battery, 10,200 mAh
  • Dustproof and protected against temporary submersion protection class IP67
  • Fall proof from 2 m height
  • internal UHF radio 410 - 470 Mhz, 902.4 - 928 Mhz, channel spacing 12.5 / 25 kHz range in the built-up area: 3 to 4 km range under optimal conditions up to 10 km (optional)

8.400,00 - 11.235,00


Stonex S990 A series: professional surveying with the revolutionary STONEX S990A premium GNSS receiver

The Stonex S990A series is equipped with a high performance GNSS board with 800 channels. This allows the sensor to receive all current satellites: GPS, GLONASS, BEIDOU, GALILEO, QZSS and IRNSS, including L-band correction. The Stonex S990A automatically selects the best combination of GNSS signals.

Thanks to the aRTK function and the Atlas® correction service, the receiver can also work in particularly difficult areas. Atlas® gives the precise positioning centimeters around the world and delivers centimeter correction data worldwide via L-band communications satellites and over the Internet.

The 4G GSM modem ensures a fast internet connection for receiving correction data. High-quality Bluetooth and WiFi modules ensure that data flow to the controller is always reliable.

The integrated TX/RX UHF radio with selectable frequencies makes the Stonex S990A series the perfect system for a GNSS base station or a rover.

The S990A includes an IMU tilt sensor that can be used to measure difficult points with a pole tilt of up to 60°. The color touch display and WebUI is an easy and quick way to fully control the receiver.

The Stonex S990A with IMU system makes every measurement, both surveying and staking work, is reliable and extremely speeds up point acquisition: Up to 40 % of field work time can be saved!


scope of delivery

Measurement - easier than ever!

  • STONEX S990 A in a transport case
  • 8 GB USB stick with manual and video instructions
  • Charger with mains adapter

Additional information

Position rate

10 Hz, 20 Hz, 50 Hz

Rx / Tx UHF radio

without UHF, with UHF

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