LD2 meter replacement / meter reading

Previously: Different programs for reading meters for the various trades. 

We found this to be an unnecessary complication of this activity.

For this reason, we developed software that not only accommodates reading for all trades in one app, but also all of the important functions: From the application to Establishment a house connection by the citizens, about the Document review, the Installation and the pay - all data are managed in a central register. This new tool should be available and shared for all departments within a company or an administrative authority, as well as the citizen.


So why not replace the many expensive and impractical systems with ONE new, modern and inexpensive system with many additional options?

Just ask us without obligation.


If you are interested, we can do a ROADSHOW in your place. In this way, several interested companies in your area can get an idea of modern and innovative GIS software.

We organize and invite. All you have to do is report that you would like to have a ROADSHOW organized without obligation.




We introduce a new and extensive Administrative product range together. This should be comprehensive and manage all data in a central register, from the application for the establishment of house connections to payment. This new tool should be available for all departments within a company or an administrative authority, as well as the citizen - through access via the web - and can be used jointly. Both the applicant and the supplier now have a precise overview.

This leads to a simplification and not inconsiderable savings. Many different software solutions are often used within a company or authority, but we want to put an end to this and are working flat out on lean and universally applicable software for all departments. 

The first step in that direction is now with the new one LD2 product meter replacement / meter reading done.


The advantages of meter replacement / meter reading at a glance:


  • Intuitive usability
  • simple and clear appointment management
  • flexible management of meter flow data
  • dynamic adaptability to the different areas of application
  • Can be used for various trades (electricity, water, gas, etc.)
  • short training period
  • easy handling

The highly flexible LD2 management of the meter current data is suitable for several trades at the same time.

One advantage is that it is simple and clear Appointment management the software.

If the home owner cannot be reached after all, the sales representative can easily postpone the appointment with the app.

The object-related appointment generation takes place via a simple and ergonomic interface that is effortless to use and provides a quick overview.

Simple filter options make it easy to find and process data. When recording data via the app, consideration is also given to a possibly poor internet connection, which is why there is also one fully autonomous offline operation.

In this case, the data is buffered in between and sent later.

The meter data can be stored within LD2 directly sent to the app, or if they come from a VGA system, via CSV files can be easily and flexibly imported and edited.

The data can then be exported again in CSV format, or if LD2 products are used, the Data fully automatically in the system. In this case there is only one database, one supplier and one database.

A big advantage is that the data is always with the customer on the server. The scheme for managing the meter data was tailored to customer needs, but it can also individually adapted are or are expanded to include attributes.

In the field service, the current meter data can be entered by an employee using a smartphone or tablet (Android). Barcode, QR code scan, photo documentation and signatures can be used as functions.

you are welcome to these download it and test it in detail with our program.


With our desktop application (company license) of the LD2 meter change program, we start at 6050 €.
This package also includes the Android APP for changing the meter for 10 smartphones / Android tablets, installation and 3-hour remote training.

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