LD2 maintenance and task management

... for operational management, inspection, maintenance and much more - individually and easily adaptable to the needs of your company! 

Our products cover the following areas:

  • GIS system based on AutoCAD and PostgreSQL
  • GNSS survey solution
  • Maintenance management with GNSS support for the field service
  • Service app (Android) for the documentation of hydrants, gate valves, etc.
  • Fiber optic management for the documentation of broadband
  • Meter change and reading app and desktop application
  • Information systems for both office and field service (also for standard tablet PCs!)

With the LD2 Service APP for your smartphone for a successful hydrant check!

Our products are all related to each other 100% compatible. You enjoy the advantage that you always have ALL GIS data with you for all applications in the office and in the field (that means: the entire pipeline network, the entire basemap, all dimensions, all construction site photos and scans, all attribute data from each division).



During maintenance, it is important that the system always accesses the same database. In this way, GIS objects can be linked to a task for the field very easily.

The Maintenance reports can be freely defined by you.

Therefore, our LD2 maintenance and task management can be used for all purposes.

A Smartphone app rounds off the maintenance package even more - e.g. for the use of the hydrant check by the fire brigades. You do not have to provide any end devices. The app is run as an Android app.

Best of all, you have one perfect Overview about the status of a task, and the status assessment is carried out by the LD2. This means that of the thousands of objects that are checked, only those reports need to be viewed where there are serious deficiencies.



To the procedure

The data is linked to the GIS, so a full-fledged GIS is also in the field. The plan is loaded fully automatically, supported by GNSS, and is therefore confusing due to the 15m blocking radius.

The maintenance management is not only individual and can be adapted by you, it can also be used for all trades.

Internal as well as external employees are included in a task via the web. The state of an object is calculated by the system.

The status of the tasks can be viewed at any time on the desktop. Information is immediately available at all points, communication is simplified.



The field book in the field

With the field book, all GIS data are on the tablet, which can also work offline.

The data synchronization takes place bidirectionally via Ethernet or WLAN with a fingertip on the touchscreen of the Windows tablet PC. System requirements for the LD2 maintenance management are: Tablet PC with Windows 10 as 64-bit.
The user also sees the cadastre and the property itself for each property. The plan is automatically displayed at the user's location and repositioned every second.

If required, the object information mask for each object can be queried by the GIS. The condition of the objects is assessed in real time and fully automatically. It is therefore no longer necessary to carry out a manual evaluation after maintenance; the results are available immediately after the data comparison. After the data comparison, the inspection task can be temporarily displayed in the GIS and plotted immediately.


Smartphone APP in the field

If you plan to integrate many employees or service providers into your maintenance management, it is advisable to use the LD2 Service App. The user can take part in tasks with his Android smartphone. The entire control takes place via an LD2 web service.

You will receive up to 50 user numbers per user group. This allows you to integrate up to 50 smartphones per user group into the process. For example, a fire brigade XY receives one user group and the second fire brigade in the district receives a second user group (each with 50 numbers).

Thanks to a sophisticated data flow from the GIS to the firefighter's smartphone and back, few questions remain unanswered at the end of the day.

Complex tasks can be handled with very little communication and reporting. Only a few pieces of information remain that fall outside the normal range. The use of such a system therefore saves a lot of time and money.



We have made our maintenance management multi-tenant, ie if you have several projects on your GIS PC, the app must also know which databases to send data back to.

That is why we have built this multi-client capability into this LD2 Service APP. 
It also became very transparent and consistent on the OFFLINE Mode laid. The best thing to do is to load the tasks or counters onto your mobile phone in the house and upload them even if the internet is good.

You decide those moments now that you know better about internet coverage.


If you want to benefit from our maintenance management system, our prices start at € 2860.

You will see how easy it is to send a maintenance report to your colleagues and employees and have the subsequent report displayed directly on the computer.

Have we piqued your interest? Then call us today and we will use the remote maintenance software to show you the options that you have with our maintenance management.


  • Review of pruning
  • Street lights
  • Documentation of asphalt damage
  • Repair operations
  • Notification of valve replacement in the pipeline network
  • Fire brigades do the hydrant check and you receive the evaluation and the reported damage at the push of a button
  • Bleeder control
  • Cyclical checking of the underground hydrants
  • Weekly review of the condition and condition of public playgrounds
  • Condition control of manhole structures in the sewage area
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