LD2 fiber management

The LD2 fiber optic and conduit management is a compact add-on module to the other LD2 GIS and surveying products. But it can also be operated on its own. The fibers and assemblies are kept in a database that is placed online. 



The fiber optic module is an independent LD2 module, which can be purchased and used alone or used in combination with the other LD2 products.

All plans, assemblies, cables and connections are saved in an SQL database.

This can either be on our web servers or on your premises and can be queried and filled online from various points so that line owners, operators and fitters can work on the same database at the same time, if so desired.

Property management

Assemblies and electric wire can be freely defined and used.

All fibers of a cable, assemblies with connectors are separate objects and can be accessed via the respective ID clearly identified become.

With assemblies we mean all boxes, cabinets or buildings that can be attacked and fibers can be placed. LD2 can also do these assemblies nest in each other.

Schematic plan of a fictitious pipe bundle

Schematic plans

From the house connection box to the patch panel in the POP a schematic plan is generated fully automatically.

The documentation is thus not only Very clear but also very easy To have a hand.

The ideal approach would be for local authorities to ask companies to use this software when setting up the network. Because the data cannot be kept permanently in Excel and fiber management programs can sometimes be extremely expensive.

This means that the original data is not handed over to the municipality.

This fiber module is for every company and municipality affordable. It costs € 8.800,- excl. VAT / sales tax.

Schematic plan from a fictitious broadband connection

Empty pipe management

In close cooperation with our fiber optic module customers, an empty conduit management rail was developed in order to further optimize the daily work with the GIS and the fiber optic module.

  • Connection tool in the GIS of pipes and cable sections
  • Easy handling and change from GIS mask to fiber optic mask
  • Graphic view of which objects are contained in a pipe / route
Empty pipe management

Almost any list can exported at the push of a button become. Very clear and simple.

These lists can then use the Information technicians will be transmitted, if this is not already done integrated online in the LD2 fiber management are.

We offer a presentation of our products at any time.

 We would be happy to provide you with a list of reference customers who work with the LD2 fiber optic module.

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