LD2 digital planning application / administration

Our satisfied customers have approached us and have asked us to continue using us in the future administration area to take care of modern software products for management companies.

For this reason we have one Meter change and reading software developed which already as first building block this LD2 management suite has arisen.

Now follows the development of digital application management for the construction, relocation or decommissioning of a house connection.

The citizen provides the Application digitally, the desktop application accepts applications and informed the citizen regularly about the status of the application. The line operator divides the tasks in his own company and all employees are always informed about the status of each application.
Application management is fully digital. Documents can be printed out on request.
This also contains a fully-fledged document archive.

What advantages do I have?

– Citizens can view the application process directly at any time
– Modern web portal with login
– Customization of your requests
– Extremely simple integration into your homepage

Application examples:

  • Application for erection, laying, decommissioning house connection
  • Application for kindergarten place and much more. – You can customize it yourself!
  • Customization of your requests
Hexagon overview

How do I get to the application process?

The application process can be demonstrated by our sales department either remotely (Teamviewer, Anydesk) or live at your site.

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