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The project presented here is in Bavaria. "Stadtwerke Vilshofen GmbH" uses the LD2 to manage many trades in a GIS project.

The LD2 allows new trades to be expanded free of charge by the user himself - it is therefore extremely scalable and expandable.

In addition to the GIS, the municipal utilities have many LD2 information workstations on desktop computers as well as Stonex surveying devices and Windows 10 tablets to work with surveying in the field.

The field staff are equipped with tablet PCs so that there is no need to constantly drive back and forth because of a required management plan. The tablet PCs have integrated all GIS data for all trades. The trades can be displayed separately or together. The practical thing is that the LD2 measurement solution is also installed on the tablet PC, and a tablet PC can be placed on the GPS rod at any time and measured immediately.

With one click on the data synchronization button, everything can be compared during operation via WLAN. New measurement data load into the GIS without postprocessing, new GIS data land on the tablet PC and new maintenance tasks and maintenance reports are also compared bidirectionally.

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